Taxpayers are going to pay for the riots and looting

Few know that Sasria “insurance” is a state-owned entity that reports to the Minister of Finance.

It is also probably Sasria that will most likely pay for the damage done by rioters and looters. Since the President claims “insurrection” the issue will be measured political violence etc.

Private insurers will claim State failure and taxpayers who sustain the Sasria fund will pay damages.

In reality, every act of corruption, maladministration, wasteful and fruitless expenditure, stupidity and overall failure of every politician and official and state owned entity is paid for by the taxpayer.

Our democracy is one of the least efficient and mostly costly in the world. Oddly, the least educated and those who contribute almost nothing to the tax system, vote for corrupt and inept politicians.

As a result of this failed experiment of corruption and stupidity, the taxpayer will pay in cash. Thus, when you have no education or job or future prospect, the idea of looting develops easier. During a pandemic under lockdown for more than a year, the option of mayhem is an oddly rational thought.

Those who are argue about uncivilized, should spend a week inside a squatter camp enclosed by filth and see how great “democracy works”.  When you cannot access clean water and share a toilet with 100 others, dignity is impeded. When, foraging for food to avoid hunger, it is tough to be gracious. 

Had our government not been as corrupt and stupid, people would not have been as desperate.

Example, we spent more than R100 billion on military equipment that continues to be probed for corruption. With the complete failure of our State to protect, 160 Shopping Centers and 100 other factories and buildings burnt down, evidence suggest, our police and military were asleep. When you cannot protect a shop from looters, stopping an invasion is unlikely? Where was the helicopters and so on? We also spent R100 billion on stadiums etc. that serve no purpose since the 2010 World Cup.

In decades past, we wasted and allowed at least a Trillion Rand to be stolen from the State. This money could have housed and fed every poor citizen, that is, if our leaders genuinely cared.

Ironically, politicians will soon campaign with money probably stolen from the State and given to their friends and family via corrupt deals. Yes, some politicians are actually using taxpayer’s money to sway voters and so the circle of corruption and stupidity continues. A brilliant political strategy.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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