This holiday season thousand will die on South African roads. This occurred before and continue. The problem is stupidity and arrogance as those who murder by use of a vehicle, do not give a damn.

Sugar coated as car accidents, in truth there are few accidents as an accident is measured as a coincidence or an unlucky event. When a driver is intoxicated or driving a vehicle that is not roadworthy then disaster is a question of time.

While those who kill themselves while intoxicated is nearly acceptable, the problem is that most intoxicated drivers survive but murder innocent others in the process.

The only honest way to stop the stupidity is to give life imprisoned to anyone guilty of driving intoxicated and who caused death. An intoxicated driver who causes mayhem like spinal cord injury or loss of a limb of another person must enjoy at least 15 years in prison.

Currently the majority of intoxicated drivers receive no prison term and no financial liability while other taxpayers who had nothing to do with the event pay billions annually to road victims.

The South African legal system in truth is a joke as the system is rigged in favor of the intoxicated driver and against the taxpayers. There is no reason for any intoxicated drivers to stop their behavior as they suffer no consequence whatsoever. So the road chaos will continue.

Recently a local brewery was sold for a trillion Rand making their investors very happy. At the same time the Road Accident Fund has a deficit of a few billion Rand which regular taxpayers must pay.

Why our laws cannot be revised to protect regular road users is the question. Are those liable for the legislation ignorant to the road deaths, are they drunks or shareholders in the brewery industry?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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