Most people work and try to make their income and expenses balance as the cost of living increases

Behind the scenes far from the influence of everyday folk there are cataclysmic battles. Ordinary citizens are oblivious as we are purposely kept in the dark. In a world where some speak of billions and trillions, the white and black elite are at war. Where the elite exist there is limited room for conscience and so on. Example, the Financial Services Industry in general and pension fund asset management specifically is one such reality far removed from probably 99% of South Africans.

The white corporate elite of the pension fund asset management live in a world similar to where the black political elite operate. The concept of “state captured” by black elite is not new as they learnt this practice from the way in which the white elite “corporate captured” the South African economy.  

Where the elite operate, there are severe limits for women, the disabled or ordinary people. When a handful of white corporates control 95% of pension funds there is no room for disavowal.  Similarly, when the politically linked black elite give state contracts to their friends, the problem is evident.

The difficulty that the rest of us face, is the cruel reality that the elite enjoy the best lifestyles in the most unequal society on earth. Ironically, while most people struggle to survive, both elite, have limited interest in solving our problems of historic inequality, poverty, job loss, crime and so on.

This elitist conceit must be emphasized so that regular people can demonstrate to the elite that we recognize their cruelty. Is it too much to ask for safety and security from the black political elite and civilized treatment and decent wages from the white corporate elite? Both elite have limited energy for the environs, social stability or good governance. Ethics does not fit into their scenario of greed.

Example, for the past 160 years the Financial Services Industry have continually reported returns of 7.5%. This is, of the best in the world. Sadly, throughout our painful history the only concern of the financial sector was self-enrichment. The misery of ordinary people meant little to this industry, as it remains unchanged and also has no intent to create prospect for others without direct intervention.  

Thus for regular folk to prosper we must expose and shame the elite and not admire their luxury lifestyle but veiled cruel indifference. Example, years ago the police killed 35 miners at Marikana, some say at the behest of the elite. Now, everyday taxpayers must pay the Billion-Rand account. Why must we pay when the mine owners and their elite pals escape without any accountability?

On 15th March the Pope of the Catholic Church said that those who make deals which unnecessarily harm the income of usual people, are committing a sin. The Pope was talking about the global elite.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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