The headline “Security crackdown aims to boost nations image” Cape Argus April 29th was confusing as the article stated that “1444 intelligence operatives deployed countrywide on Freedom Day”.

Either government definition of intelligence is incorrect or the Encarta dictionary needs revision as it defines intelligence firstly as “the ability to think and learn facts and skills and apply them especially when the ability is highly developed”. An extra definition includes “information about secret plans or activities, especially those of foreign states, the armed forces, business rivals, or criminals”.

The article also states that the operatives were deployed on Freedom Day “to tackle the underlying causes of the violence against foreigners”. This infers that before this deployment, our intelligence people knew little about tackling the violence to begin with. If they did know, they should have stopped the violence. If they did not know, then well, Jaa!

Since government leaders have also alluded in the media to the possibility of a third force, is the state implying that by starting spaza shop, foreigners are undermining our sovereignty or what?

While xenophobia must stop, it is vital to note that xenophobic murder pales in contrast with the fact that more than 16 000 South Africans were murdered in 2014.

Also since Mitchells Plain is the most dangerous place in South Africa and probably the world with 25 575 cases reported in 2014, where are the intelligence deployment. In Mitchells Plain a there were 252 attempted murders 2188 common assaults, 1301 robbery with serious conditions, 1415 malicious damage to property, 6044 drug related crimes, a host of sex crimes etc.

Why is it global news [CNN/BBC] when foreigners are killed but when locals are killed, it is okay? Why can the military be deployed to protect foreigners but not citizens of Manenberg or Mitchells Plain?

Many criminals believe that they are not responsible for their behaviour. In court you hear them blame Apartheid, alcohol and drugs, poverty, lack of prospect and often, even the victim, thus xenophobia.

Questions that remain include: why have decision-makers [read politicians and judges, etc] failed to stop the general criminality? Some suggest that decision-makers do not care as they are protected. Others suggest that some decision-makers benefit from crime and thus protect their criminal links.

On a lighter note if the state has so many intelligent employees, why is the South African Airways, Eskom, the Post Office, most municipalities including many parastatals in a mess.

In the words of the wise despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle. Leadership demands a natural ability to solve problems.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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