The latest Zionist terror campaign inside Gaza reminds me of the National Party that regularly told the world that the ANC were the terrorists. Like the Zionists, the National Party also told the world that they were a bastion of democracy, freedom and without them, civilization would end. The strategy in defence of Apartheid and Zionism are similar. European liability for the Holocaust hangs as an eternal Damocles sword. Hence Zionist murder of Palestinians will be tolerated by western nations well into the future. Since the Zionists have the best military equipment while Palestinians have homemade paraphernalia, the killing cannot be considered as a fight between equals.

A few weeks ago, 3 Israeli’s were murdered. Without any judicial process, or evidence as to the guilty party, the Zionist military was unleashed onto average Palestinians. To date nearly 800 Palestinian civilians especially women and children and 35 Israeli soldiers have died.

In my opinion, a vital part of the Palestinian solution lies with Jewish minorities that exist outside the holy land. Although this seems unlikely, in time, Israeli’s and Palestinians will live together. Besides the crusades and before Zionism organised by Ashkenazi (East European Jews), Muslims, Christians and Sephardi / Mizrahi (Arab)Jews lived together in relative harmony for nearly two thousand years.

Should Israel destroy Hamas, like they did Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Army (PLO), what waits in the future is greater hostility. The conflicts in Iraq, Syria etc. and the epoch of the Arab elite will end. When this ensues, either democracy or radicalism will reign. Constitutional democracies must be the rational choice. Though the world had the prospect to support democratic change in Egypt, the oligarchy assisted the Egyptian military, to overthrow a legitimate president. Arab elite supplied cash and the USA encouraged by the Zionists supplied material support. This coup d’état suggests that Zionism fears a democratic Muslim world more than erratic nationalist Arab militancy.

Since most of Europe, Britain and the United States are paralysed in the firm grip of Zionist idealism, a solution must be found elsewhere. This provides the prospect for local Jews to display their innate foresight and support for global human rights and non-racism. Should local Jews continue to establish themselves around the suffering of the Palestinians based on their historic support for a democratic South Africa, an upsurge of support could be initiated in other Jewish communities across the globe?

Sephardi / Mizrahi and Arabs have a shared Semitism. They are the progeny of Isaac and Ismail, the sons of Abraham. Their histories, language, religious values and general cultural practices are akin.

Since a free Palestine is not part of the Zionist agenda, militant Zionists consider the two state solutions an historic joke. A realistic solution is a unitary constitutional democracy like South Africa.

Local Jews can assist by demanding that the Israeli military release all Palestinian political prisoners especially women and children. The Zionists should also stop the retailing of human organs stolen from Palestinian prisoners. Jews and Muslims must encourage the growth of democratic institutions in the Arab and Muslim world since nothing frightens the Arab or Zionist elite like a genuine democracy.

In the words of the wise, justice based on equality, human-rights and freedom will ultimately prevail.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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