Sensitive problems require honest approach



Councillors, are often confronted with odd challenge that require a holistic understanding.

Elderly parents who have a natural desire to settle their property and inheritance often create unforeseen conflict. Parents usually transfer property to offspring they assume will care for them.

Problems arise when the inheritor who is married, experience divorce. The property which originally belonged to the parents and transferred to the inheritor, is fair legal claim. Thus when the property is sold to cover settlements etc. the elderly parents along with the divorced inheritor could find themselves all, displaced from their historic home or financially much reduced.

Since the theme is sensitive, the elderly who are planning to transfer property must consider their options. Example, parents concerned with property maintenance cost etc. should consider giving a reduced share to the inheritor. Thus in case of a divorce etc. the risk of destitution is reduced.

The concern must remain the property which originally belonged to the parents and destitution rather than the inheritor’s divorce and its merits etc.

In the working class where property values average R500 000, a half share is insufficient to pay for a similar home. A middle class family may return to the township after 40 years of home payments.

In the words of the wise, as human we all error. Integrity requires, that we do not allow other people to pay the price for our mistakes. Cultural, religious and traditional ideas that ignore logic, must be revised in the light of a world that is driven mad by materialism and the wicked need to harm others.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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