As a regular and grateful contributor to the Cape Times I am uneasy with the partial report about “SACS caught in suspended pupil row” 23 Feb.

My wife and I work very hard so that my son can be educated at SACS, an institution of academia and leadership. I pay for the privilege with many sacrifices which include driving a 15yr old car. Thus there is no abode at SACS for vandals, bullies or skollies etc.

Over the years, I have spoken to Principal Mr Ken Ball and the Chairperson of the governing body Mr Breetzke and am sadden at the way the media report portrayed these men. The Principal has been a remarkable leader for decades and many valued businessmen, academics and leaders etc. were educated under his auspicious. To belittle a lifetime of commitment with the remarks of one grade 8 youth is unfortunate. By allowing undue adverse media reports we inspire the rule that the actions of one youth supersede the rights of the collective.

The history of SACS is also unique in South African. Example while many education institutions practiced crude racism, the late Dr Abdullah Abdurahman matriculated at SACS. He then attended the University of Glasgow to study medicine qualifying as a doctor in 1893.

In 1904 he was elected Cape Town’s first coloured City Councillor. As city councillor he worked to improve the conditions of the coloured community, especially within education and set up the first secondary school for coloured people in Cape Town. Dr Abdurahman was also the first coloured person to be elected to the Cape Provincial Council in 1914. In June 1999 Nelson Mandela posthumously awarded Dr Abdurahman the Order for Meritorious Service: Class I (Gold) for his many contributions to the people of South Africa.

This is the achievements of just one graduate of SACS.

In the words of the wise, the fortunate youth that are admitted to SACS must tread wisely as they walk amid the history of great men and they carry the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our nation’s future.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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