Courtesy of Deputy Pres Cyril Ramaphosa we now know that a Gupta wedding at Sun City was paid for with our taxes. This titbit was revealed at the South African Communist Party recent congress.

Years ago, this Hindu family schemed that the easiest way to wealth was to locate to Africa, find a truly deceitful leader, capture him and his family and then try and take over the economy of that nation. In President Jacob Zuma the Gupta family found a “faultless” host. Zuma has partial ethics and a large family to maintain. Seated quietly as witnesses were several other South African leaders. 

Once again as new leaders for South Africa are bought and sold, the South Africa Communist Party (SACP) threatens to break the “alliance” and go into elections on its own in 2019. As usual the SACP is posturing to secure top jobs for their communist comrades who love German cars and European tailored suits. The SACP does not own a “pot to pee in”, has no rational plans for our future and have suckled on the proverbial teats of the ANC as the SACP is ideologically and ethically bankrupt.

If the SACP had integrity, why did they not historically, actively stop Pres. Zuma from enriching his friends and family? Since the SACP has some Ministers in cabinet, what in truth has the SACP done to reduce our crime stats? What has the SACP done to reduce the growing failed audit reports that almost every municipality (besides City of Cape Town) and state department receives every year? What has the SACP done to create jobs – since job losses only increase whenever the SACP talks?

What in God’s holy name does the SACP do for anyone, besides provide comfy incomes for its ideologically bankrupted and ethically absent leaders? After 20 years of alliance governance, it was the EFF who spoke of economic freedom in our life time and the Black Land First (BLF) who coined White Monopoly Capital (WMC). What kind of luxury loving communists are the SACP leaders?

In the words of the wise, what is the value of the SACP when it talks one way and acts another way? 

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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