Contemporary western capitalism {materialism} has been designed to facilitate the maximization of profit. A feature of global production is that the employment spiral is downwards and some form of slavery is the ultimate bottom.

Similarly within the South African context, our negotiated revolution was in essence the sharing of power and property between the new and old elite. Unemployment and poverty alleviation remains critical issues. Although this is being addressed, it remains insurmountable. That the state, business and labour do not have a shared agenda is the problem. History suggests that hostility exists from the side of business. If business is permitted to abuse the citizen, what outcome can be expected? What is required is a realistic approach by business, government and labour.

Globally, billions of people exist in poverty yet nations with fewer resources than us have managed to uplift themselves. To eradicate poverty leader must inhibit the seeds of poverty from growing. By promoting responsible behaviour with family planning and sustainable decisions our battle could be won.

History confirms that political leaders are often averse to learn from approaches that are required for holistic development. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, some politicians resist long-term planning and measurable outcomes in lieu of quick fixes. Subsequently taxpayer’s monies are regularly spent on projects that are a result of misguided sentiment.

Taxpayers must recognise that the narrative of reducing the gap between the rich and poor is largely a political aberration. Politics is the skill of getting votes from the poor and funds from the rich, by agreeing to protect each from the other. Similarly black economic empowerment has created a few rich black individuals while the vast majority remains poor.

Around 2000 years ago Jesus Christ said “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven”? This wisdom dictates that South Africa requires a political and economic middle class majority with an intellectual ethic. To allow predatory elite to remain at the helm, will doom us to a future of class revolutions.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

Suite 19 1st Floor

Adderley Street

Paul Sauer

Cape Town

076 427 8017

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