We must learn to distinguish between those who are plainly bad and those who are truly evil

Nobody is perfect and all humans have good and bad inside. Those who are successful, control the bad inclination and allow goodness to flow. Also, nobody is beyond redemption. A good person can succumb to bad behavior and a bad person may regret, seek redemption and become good.

Until the last breath, there is hope for anyone, unless you are truly evil.

To establish civility, society must mitigate evil otherwise chaos ensures. So, when a person murders without regret etc. the law must protect society. This law established by a judiciary is established via a parliamentary process that originates in a democratic process where citizens are embodied.

A problem arises when the processes fail and justice is hijacked by a few to serve their evil benefit.

The USA like other nations has regular democratic elections. Oddly, the trajectory and agenda of the politics hardly ever changes. Thus, the “fight” between Joseph Biden and Donald Trump is comical.

Example, Democrat’s and Republican’s work for big business and allow money to rule politics. Both support unlimited military spending and love war. Both will not allow a third political party to exist. Both believe that killing foreigners to steal resources is acceptable. Both spy on anyone and corrupt and invade nations that resist American imperialism. Both parties pay lip service to the poor and prefer the rich and historically oppressed minorities like Native Americans, Blacks and Mexicans etc.

Both parties love to kill Muslim and demonize Islam. Both love to support oppressive, undemocratic regimes across, Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East and South America etc. Both parties prefer to send Blacks, Hispanics and poor whites to the front lines and protect kids from rich white families.

Oddly, whilst Pres. Trump despised Muslims, Blacks, Hispanic and poor people, he did not hide his behavior. Joe Biden at 79 years is not leadership material. Kamila Harris is a puppet with no electoral support. This was evident from her failed attempt to become the presidential candidate. Both democratic nominees are weak. Thus, who will govern the USA.

The veiled “Deep State” is returning. Deceit and war will be inspired.

CNN and BBC that attacked Pres. Trump daily, will now be quiet. The American people are tricked into believing that change is pending. Just like Obama continued with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Libya, Sudan etc. He talked about change but Black and minority Americans continued to suffer.

When bad people refuse to seek redemption, they are evil. We must recognize evil when we see evil.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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