In reply to Brian Cox “A narrow-minded, hateful belief” Argus July 10th I must stress that “Too much empathy for gay agenda” Argus July 7th was a reply to “It is time to challenge the Bible” July 3rd by Yonela Diko ANC Western Cape Communication Officer. The letter was not written in a vacuum and it was vital for Brian to read the letter from Yonela before submitting an emotional and wily response. My reply probed Yonela’s grilling of Biblical decree and was not irrational gay bashing as erroneously read and deviously misinterpreted by Brian Cox. I have and will stress that the Torah, Bible and Quraan forbid homosexuality, but I sustain this with confirmation that Gods empathy is infinite and pardon of sin is God’s endless gift. At the same time I want to repeat that we live in a constitutional democracy where individual privacy must be upheld. The suggestion that the Torah, Bible and Quraan and its followers promote hate speech, is a grave allegation as it discriminates against billions who follow Prophet Abraham’s example. That some Jews, Christians and Muslims may practice homosexuality privately supports my point. By definition, what transpires amid consenting adults is their private concern. The problem is some gay people flaunt their lifestyle to illicit empathy. This endless craving for attention is the crutch and gives reason to scream bigotry or hate speech at a whim. Otherwise, why trek thru town seeking validation or recognition? If sexual actions are private, why promote homosexuality? Pubescent teens brag about sex conquests. Self-actualized adults have no need to seek validation from the general public. Soon any aberrant conduct will also claim genetic bias. Equally, poor people can also claim poverty inspired criminality due to adverse socialization. Will alleged biased genetic stimuli become the new excuse for dubious actions? Most people (including myself) liberally interact with gays who do not overtly flaunt their lifestyle. This suggests that generally, discretion is measured a civilised quality. Honesty is also vital when replying in the Argus. While stating that gays are genetically prejudiced, Brian also states that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are “unproven belief systems”. Brian reduces billions of believers to “clueless bigots”. His words “why should opinion define law” suggest the Torah, Bible and Quran are mere opinion. This is offensive to billions and confirms that Brian who allegedly represents gay interests considers his opinion superior to practicing Jews, Christians and Muslims. Brian states “the belief that homosexuality is a sin is hate speech”. Where is the mutual constitutional right to freedom of expression when Brian describes those who believe in God as “clueless bigots”? Since South Africa is a majority Christian nation the social narrative that dictates must remain a Christian ethos. While the constitution may give us all equality, the majority dialog merits reverence. Finally, in a civilized society just because we disagree on some issues do not mean we must hate each other. For example, I agree with Brian that we have mutual enemies such as those who sell drugs, religious extremism and corruption in society that require our collective energies to combat.   Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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