Do Black lives matter?

The chaos in the USA and Britain etc. regarding the historic and ongoing racism requires comment. 

It is evident that racial oppression has and will continue cross the world. Some hate others for their skin colour, culture and religion etc. For centuries some made it their business to stir hatred.

So, when a cruel white policeman in the USA murders or beats a black person to death or close to death then meaningful protest for change is necessary. The racist cruel abuse must be stopped. 

However, when blacks kill blacks, “do black lives matter” or is it limited to white on black abuse.

For example, across the Africa continent, most African leaders have limited respect for democratic processes or for the electorate. Most African leaders are dictators and stealing from their nation, whilst their own people starve and live in hellish conditions. What is the value of freedom when you cannot feed your family and the living conditions under black leaders are worse than under whites?

Example, when the former leader of Sudan was deposed by a military coup. A $100 million dollars was found inside his home. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe ruined the economy of his country sending millions of Zimbabweans into poverty and forcing millions more to flee, to avoid starvation.

Across Africa the story is the same. Ordinary Africans starve whist overall corruption is endemic.

In South Africa, we have emerged from the vilest form of crude racism.

Ironically, the same people who fought now Apartheid partake in the vilest form of state corruption. Since our leaders steal on such a grand scale, one must ask, “do black lives matter to black leaders”?

Those who stole at the VBS bank and those who stole from the Stadium building for 2010 World Cup and those who stole from the Arms deal must be punished. They cannot buy mansions and imported Sports cars with taxpayer’s money. They are worse than a poor white racist who has no real power.

Since white racist oppression against blacks is documented, a study of black on black oppression must be undertaken. It is offensive and ironic when the world engages in “black lives matter”, ordinary blacks are oppressed by black leaders in Africa but the world remains silent.

Black on black cruelty cannot be excused because the focus remains on white on black cruelty.

All racists and oppressors must be held accountable. The cruelty must be stopped regardless if the oppressors are black, white, brown or claim to be Jewish, Christian, Muslim or godless.

The Creator has prohibited oppression; thus no form of creation has the right to oppress another.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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