Time to educate Gary James

Gary James has over years spread much fake news by writing inaccurate, unqualified thoughts. Since he clearly lacks a proper education, it is hard for him to have a contextual and holistic grip on many subjects. He lacks “critical and analytical thinking skills” which is usually taught at university level.

Firstly, there are very few genuine Christian or Islamic Holy wars in history. Most wars are economic conquests by the elite. The Crusades was less about the Holy Land and more about acquiring wealth.

Question: if the Crusades were purely religious, why did those who partake, plunder, murder and rape their way through Christian Europe and the Muslim Middle East?

Answer: Richard the Lionheart of England executed 3000 inhabitants of Acre in 1191 after Salahudin delayed paying the ransom of 100 000 gold coins. Homebound Richard attacked sites in Europe after his defeat in the Holy Land. This info is shared in the movie “Robin Hood” starring Kevin Costner.

The occupation of Palestine is the land expansion by the global Zionists who do not want Jews in Europe or the West. Kashmir is Hindu nationalist expansion gone insane. The Saudi/Iranian conflict is an Arab/Persian battle for the hegemony of the Middle East including the control of the oil markets.

A reason why secular nations prosper requires investigation into history to grasp how they raped, massacred and stole from elsewhere on earth. Watch the “Antiques Roadshow” on TV and ask, where did those peoples ancestors stealth those artifacts from, the Far East, the Middle East?

If Islamic State “destroyed” the artifacts of Syria and Iraq, why is much of it, in private collections in the West? Islamic State was a front with which to rob Syria and Iraq of its oil, gold and antiquities.

The godless wicked wealthy elite has for epochs controlled politicians, judges and religious leaders.

At the inauguration of both Pres. Zuma and Pres. Donald Trump, they were encircled by politicians, judges, business and religious leaders. Most regular folk knew that both men were wicked deceivers.

Gary James states “There is no salvation in wishful thinking”. Filled with self-conceit, he abuses the “belief in one Creator” whom most of humanity worship. How arrogant is Gary James?

Gary argues for “a logical and rational” approach but denies that a Creator created creation. He demands we accept; creation was a random accident. How logical and rational is Gary? Gary is so selfish he even wants to deny the poor, unemployed, suffering majority, salvation in the afterlife.

Damn Gary, what kind of human are you?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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