The letter “Ill-discipline rife in schools” Argus 27th May was good, albeit biased. As a governing body member and chairman of a primary school for almost 10 years I believe that the problem of unruly kids begins at home. Thus some people must be prevented from having kids to limit social conflict.

Example, when people have major medical or mental issues that are hereditary, they should not have kids as this ensures costs to taxpayers and is unfair on kids. Drug addicts and alcoholics should be prevented from having kids as this outlay already cost the education department billions annually.

Over the decade I have disciplined learners and parents as the parent’s inability to be a parent is often the problem. When an ignorant parent that lacks discipline has a child in grade five, how is the parent going to assist with school work. That is why society must consider sterilizing pregnant teens and guilty males. Sterilization will prevent these folks from generating more social problems. In 2015 more than 20 000 primary and high school teens were pregnant. The stats are increasing and it is obvious that the billions of tax monies spent on fixing the problem, has failed. Murderers and rapists and any person guilty of a serious crime must be sterilized as penance to society.

While Mr Isaacs is correct, that the WCED does all to prevent expulsions, what is the way forward without open hostility towards the local department who is governed by national legislation? What is the role of SADTU the teachers union who often seem to control education policy? While I agree with Mr Isaacs, that the problems at high schools are serious, perhaps principals must focus on selection criteria and interview parents and leaners more strictly. Where I preside I require parents to jump thru hoops for admittance. By sifting carefully I protect my school community. I talk firmly to parents about their duty and often repeat that it is not the teacher’s duty to teach kids good manners which must be taught at home. Ironically while I may not be revered, parents continue voting for me because they know that the school benefits from this approach.

In the words of the wise, if we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would astound ourselves. Also we cannot tell what may happen to us in this life, but we can decide how we take it, what we do with it, and that is what really counts in the end.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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