When the leader of a nation becomes the central narrative that nation has a problem.
President Trump made his feelings evident when he told the world that he would build a wall to keep out Mexicans. What he did not say was that the wall would also keep out anyone further south. We can assume that Pres. Trump does not like brown people as most South Americans are brown.
Banning people from Libya, Sudan and Somalia access to the USA suggests that Africans in general but Muslims in particular are not welcome. Anyone who queries this theory must probe the number of Africans allowed into the USA over the past decade.
Banning people from Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria makes it obvious that poor Muslims from war ravaged nations are not welcome. Ironically Pres. Trump did not ban those from the royal kingdoms.
The nations banned have much in common. They were all overtly or covertly attacked by the USA. The USA ruined the homes and families in these Muslim nations, thus making them refugees.
What the world must learn is that President Donald Trump is just getting started and while Black, Brown populations and Muslims may be his current target, who will be next?
For example, when Hitler began his murderous crusade he did not start with the Jews. Hitler started with Germans of mixed race especially the progeny of Blacks, Gypsies, the homeless, those with disability and then worked his military towards the Jewish people across Europe.
While the situation may seem awful it is vital to note that Pres. Trump did warn us of his plans. This did and does allow world leaders to formulate an alternate plan. Instead of waiting for Trump to scare another nation, we could collectively consider disregarding the USA and trade with each other.
For this to result Arab leaders must learn to behave maturely instead of killing their citizens. They must stop betraying each other and end their wars of ignorance. For example, decades ago the USA supported the Iraqi’s in their war with Iran. When Iran was crippled, the USA then destroyed Iraq.
African leaders could stop stealing the wealth of their nations and sending the money to European banks where most of it is lost via theft. African leaders could also stop behaving like children and leave office after they lost an election instead of creating a continental crisis every few years.
If Arab and African leaders fail to behave like thinking adults, then we will continue to suffer and in this regard, Pres. Trump is not the enemy but a catalyst and an opportunity for reason to prevail.
Cllr Yagyah Adams
Cape Muslim Congress

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