Truth must prevail


There has always been a limited truth in politics, almost everything is a strategy for self -interest.


Besides a lack of funds, a reason why the Cape Muslim Congress (CMC) as a political party has had limited growth over a decade is the fact that, the CMC leadership refuses to deceive voters with lies.


Ironically, although people say, they love truth, people often dislike those who speak truth.


Historically most prophets were killed because they spoke truth to reigning leaders. Today, Sultans, Kings, Emirs and current politicians do not like truth as truth interferes with their self-interest.


Thus, Prophets like Elijah, Isaiah and others were hesitant as they feared the duty of the job. They also feared murder by the ruling elite. Example, when the Pharisees brought Jesus to be crucified, the Roman Governor refused. When the mob (voters) threatened violence, the Governor submitted.


After Prophet Muhammed died, his grandson was killed by the ruling elite who chose power and wealth above truth and justice.


Usually near elections there is so much verbal and visual noise that ordinary voters can be confused.


We need more truth tellers who are willing to tell voters the truth of our situation and what is needed to fix the problems. In a genuine democracy only those who are qualified must govern.


Consider the municipal elections for 2021.


The reality is, the majority Councils are unable to achieve clean audits as those who currently govern the Councils have failed and must be removed. If they are not replaced by a qualified political party, nothing will change. The existing stupidity and lack of skills indicates change is needed for progress.


When a Council cannot provide clean, affordable water and electricity etc. what is the point of that Council? Why would a person vote for that party again? Is it not logical to give another a chance?


After 20 years in government I am totally convinced that many Parliamentarians and Councillors cannot and do not read their agenda’s. This is reflected in the quality of the regular debates.


To improve the quality of the service delivery is not always about money. More importantly, it is about the quality of the people (white, black, brown) that are employed. Stupidity is colour blind.


In the words of the wise, stupid politicians appoint stupid officials because stupid voters vote for stupid politicians. Now we all pay more for less water and electricity etc. Now whose fault is that.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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