Since both ANC leaders Maruis Fransman and Faiez Jacobs’s have been requested to stand aside by their master’s, months before elections, it is vital to consider the peculiar turn of events.

Ironically both men allege political conspiracies which, granting the info available may actually be true. What is at stake is the entire provincial ANC support base. Simplified, whoever survives, appoints his faction as Councillors. The survivor consolidates power and secures paths of patronage for years.

Metaphorically the scenario is like two huge greedy dogs fighting over a meaty bone. Whilst distracted in the fight, an elusive little dog runs off with the prize. While analysts wonder who set who up, most people miss the genius and identity of the “elusive little dog”.

Since my concerns include the allegations, it is vital to consider how tactically both leaders were set up. It is tragic that anyone’s repute can be ruined by claim where perhaps fibres of proofs exist. While people enjoy a juicy gossip especially if it implicates politicians, it is vital to study the bigger picture.

What is at stake is the well-being of our democracy and the agenda of a veiled minority that seeks to manipulate and dictate terms from positions from which ordinary people cannot see them.

If Fransman harassed the girl or if Jacobs hit his colleague is immaterial to the wider conspiracy as the issues could easily have been reversed. Since I have no vested interest in defending either man, what is a concern is the repute of the accuser and agenda as part of the wider conspiracy. By probing the accuser and not only the incident, we may unmask the actual conspirators.

For too long, those in social and political leadership have been accused by those who have nothing to lose and all to gain with claims that often serve a nefarious agenda. Since politics by nature is dirty and the rewards are massive, energy must be spent on detail before society lynches people in the heat of the media while the accuser stand deviously in the shade.

While people of status must spend money on a legal defence, the accuser gets legal aid at taxpayer’s expense. When the case is withdrawn or defeated and since the accuser is mostly poor, the innocent defended cannot claim as the accuser has nothing. What about the smeared repute of the accused. While the defended suffered a trail by public opinion, the accuser suffers no loss whatsoever.

What must change is, when a case is withdrawn or defeated, the accuser must be held liable to ensure frivolity is not repeated. Our court and police are overcome by folks who use the free legal system to punish others.

While human rights and defence of the innocent and poor is vital, logic suggest that there are many among the poor and not so innocent who use our media, police and courts for nefarious purposes.

Besides Maruis Fransman and Faiez Jacobs, years ago Ebrahim Rasool was also recalled under odd circumstances amid unproven claims. Since Rasool left, the ANC has been on a permanent decline.

In the words of the wise, there are much worse people hidden in our prevailing political landscape. Those who continue to conspire and threaten our democracy ironically remain hidden.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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