An exercise in absurdity is often the only logical response one can determine when reading some media headlines.

Recently a Pan African Congress [PAC] Councillor led a number of people onto a perilous stretch of mountain terrain. When the inevitable ensued and several people were seriously injured by boulders falling on them, his response was something to the effect that these things happen.

This attitude ironically reflects current political drama as the PAC does everything in its power to destroy itself. Its political vision of Pan-Africanism lies in tatters as one leader after the other goes to court to resolve personality squabbles that flawlessly reflects what is wrong with Pan-Africanism.

Personality battles have historically been veiled as ideological differences. In time it will become obvious to logical people that Pan-Africanism in itself is a perilous search in futility much like the Councillors preventable trek up a dangerous mountain pass in search of mere adventure.

A broader lesson to be learnt from this incident is that voters must study those who they support.

Voting for the wrong Councillor is a lot like ignoring warning signs and following a guide up a risky mountain pass without having done a due diligence. When the boulders or corruption or lack of service delivery start hitting, it is just as much your fault as it is the Councillor or party you voted for.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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