While communities across the Cape Flats are jubilant on deployment of troops in Operation Fiela, critics who do not experience the horrors on the Cape Flats are spreading the usual “it will not work”.

What many critics refuse to understand is that people on the Cape Flats are tired of being terrorised by criminals and will accept any solutions. People want the drugs and chaos to stop. People are not interested in studies and research that have no real outcome, we want solutions and we want it now.

If the shooting and mayhem continues, it suggests that the ANC and DA are not able to secure, the Cape Flats, the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa. When criminality takes hold of any community then peace and serenity is its first victim. Governance failure inspires vigilantism.

Voters must monitor the actions of the main political parties to witness their alleged promise to stop and not talk about criminality. There can be no economic or social progress if communities live in fear. When criminality and corruption is uprooted, benefits secured will create immediate prosperity.

In the words of the wise, freedom always remains the same as it was in ancient Greece and Rome, freedom for slave owners. Cape Town cannot be free when the Cape Flats is enslaved for the benefit of criminals.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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