Genuine faith gives rise to justice

Without the ethical codes taught by the Torah, Bible, Quran, life would be a lot more savage as the strong would dominate the weak without conscience. It is the belief in a Creator that creates the norms and standard on which the edifice of progress is built. The problem is distortion and deceit.

Cruel savagery is often hidden behind masks of religiosity and fake sincerity. This gives rise to evil that feeds on deceit. What we witness in history are not the words or actions of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Muhammed the guided messengers but an account of those who seek wealth and power.

Any historical study suggests that humans go astray when they purposely misinterpret or ignore the lessons from the Torah, Bible and Quran. Example, the recent killings in North Africa in the name of “Islamic Jihad” is evidently incorrect as Muslims are not permitted to kill, unless in self-defense.

When we stray from divine teaching, the Creator distances his mercy and we are subject to stupidity.

It is the guidance of the Abrahamic faiths that steer humanity and remains the centripetal force that binds civilizations. Oddly, with all the scientific progress, we continue to kill. We spend billions on weapons to kill others but we cannot feed and house the poor at a fraction of the cost of war?

Example, for most of the 1900’s, the rise of Marxism, Leninism and the babblings of Trotsky is evidence of what happens when the God of Abraham is discarded. In the name of “nothingness” communist “mambo jumbo” gave the world an orgy of shameless violence. More than 100 million Jews, Christians and Muslims died in the name of and for the glory of “nothingness”.

Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin all claimed to want the best for humanity, yet they violently sought to destroy belief in God. The “comrades” spread an evil unrivalled in history. Today, after millions died for “nothing”, the Russians are governed by an oligarchy. Also, the Russian people have returned to their Churches and Mosques from which they were banned. After a century, God has returned and the mass murderers Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin have been rendered to the dustbins of history.

Oddly, daily, we witness the folly of “our” communists who sing archaic radical songs. They travel in Mercedes Benz, fly first class and drink French bubbly while the people they profess to love, starve.

In the words of the wise, some people stumble over the truth, stand up and hurry-off as if nothing happened. Some people are unworthy of truth and desire stupidity to make them feel comfortable.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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