Ironically while the City of Cape Town launched its second phase of its “Inclusive City Campaign” yesterday, opposition parties in the City had limited knowledge of the launch. This is also not the first time, as last year after a fruitful engagement; smaller parties were oddly not invited to the key events.

Since the DA loves to accuse the ANC of using taxpayer’s monies for political grand standing events, one has to wonder if it is an issue of “the kettle calling the pot black”. Excuse the pun on the word black. That Councillors will be distributing posters and pamphlets is also news to the smaller parties.

It is sad and ironic that the DA seeks to consult widely outside in the communities but loathe consulting with actual political parties that are represented in Council. It is also a concern that some small party leaders are currently or have recently been disciplined and awaiting their allotted fates.

When four leaders of political parties are facing the boot months ahead of a municipal elections, alarm bells suggest conspiracy. This duplicity rings true when thieves and criminal sympathisers are elected to high office in the city at the same time.

While small parties have adapted to being side-lined even when we want to work with the larger parties on issues such as the anti-racism campaign, one has to wonder about the sincerity. It is the small parties that can keep the people informed of the vital details of what ensues inside the corridors of power when large parties conspire. Multiparty democracy also implies more than two parties.

Voters need small political parties more than what they can imagine. With absolute power comes the certainty of corruption as the chronicles of history can confirm.

In the words of the wise, to give genuine and tangible service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, that is sincerity and integrity.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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