The letter by Adiel Ismail “Combat lawbreakers” Sunday Argus 13 March is well meaning but naïve.

What must be understood is that while regular people have a role to play, it is politicians and their cronies who actually make decisions that improve or ruin society.

I will illustrate with two examples.

For more than a year Tamboerskloof Primary School has struggled with a pupil who simply refuses to listen or behave. He regularly verbally, physically and emotionally etc abuses learners and teachers. Since the school understands the Education Department, we did our work well and submitted a quality report on reasons why the learner must be expelled. This included laborious detail on conduct.

In reply the Education Department minions who rarely visit schools reacted by rejecting the request for expulsion due to technical issues that is so unconnected that a normal functioning person would laugh. What seems genuine is that the Education Department is indifferent and possibly did not study the school report with its prodigious evidence. The Departmental objective is to seek and find flaws in the schools submission real or imaginary to exonerate the Department. This leaves the school with very limited options as the matter is simply referred back to the school for remedy. Alternatively the school goes to court at the parent’s expense. Ultimately when the learner does cause severe harm to another as it ensues across the Cape Flats the Department will act shocked as if they knew nothing.

How must a school protect its learners when the Education Department does everything in its power to disempower principals and governing bodies who seek to protect vulnerable children from villains?

Secondly the suspension of South Peninsula High School principal Mr Brian Isaacs sets a bad example. The message sent is that politicians and their minions who know zilch about actually teaching kids or managing schools will decide what is best. This is a treacherous precedent.

Like many schools in Cape Town, South Peninsula High School (SPHS) has its share of felons and saboteurs who come to school to make trouble. The Education Department avoid visiting schools and it is the teachers and governing body that struggle with the trouble-makers and their parents.

As a qualified high school teacher and a Chairperson of a governing body for nearly 10 years I have seen how a handful of kids can disrupt and entire school for no valid reason besides ill-discipline.

Some may say that Mr Isaacs is difficult; however the Department has a history of siding with delinquent learners and parent. In contrast Mr Isaacs has skills that we cannot lose as the battle for our learners remains an uphill battle.

Gangsterism and drugs exists across the Cape Flats and while the ANC and DA play the blame game, accusing each other of gang connections, Mr Brian Isaacs is part of our last line of defence.

Perhaps Adiel Ismail must read “The political history of the Coloured people” by Prof Richard Van Der Ross who explains the historic suffering of coloured people and its hidden agenda. By allowing the criticisms of some to dictate standards, we will eventually produce outcomes that we will all regret.

We need leaders that are educated, passionate, capable and wise to manage our collective future. At the same time none of us are perfect. So be careful who you vote for.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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