Recently in media reports the ANC Women’s League ANCWL called for a probe into the financial activities of the South African Airways SAA which it accused of corruption and failure to transform.

The ANCWL said that of the 225 senior captains employed 217 are white men, 4 are black men and 4 are white females. The ANCWL accused the SAA of being resolute to use white-owned suppliers.

On the flip side, on E-TV the ANC Youth League accused the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and his side-kick, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan of undermining SAA for their private interests.

After what has ensued over the many years at SAA and as taxpayers that have paid billions to keep SAA afloat, is it not time to sell SAA and save taxpayers the next round of bail-outs which is certain.

This will save ordinary people from establishing who is in truth behind the cloak and dagger games at SAA. Also, there would be no need to force transformation on white managers that according to the ANCWL are unwilling to support transformation.

In a country that has a shortage of electricity and water, where people do not have enough to eat, is it fair and realistic for ordinary taxpayers to subsidize overpaid SAA staff and those who fly SAA.

Even if taxpayers receive nothing for SAA and we just walk away, as taxpayers we save money from the certain future request for a bail-out. That 99% of South Africans cannot afford to fly SAA or anywhere for that matter, cannot be ignored.

What is the point of holding onto a business that does not make business sense and that according to ANCWL constitutes and maintains white privilege?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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