On Thursday our President like him or not, will address the nation at the State of the Nation Address.

Already the EFF has detailed on national television that they have the fullest intent to disrupt President Zuma and thus the entire televised proceedings. In response the ANC clarified that it is ready for any disruptions and that action will be taken. The police, army and whoever was close by.

While these African leaders prepare for a stand-off and shame each other, our nation will suffer the global humiliation of having the entire circus routine televised worldwide.

Across the world, brown and black people will feel and share the humiliation of watching their fellow African comrades dishonor and shame each other. The fight for African dignity against an Apartheid regime has not ended but evolved into black African on black African regular disgrace presentation.

Those racists who despise Black people in general and Africans specifically will point at the television and tell their kids to watch and study the future of African people and democracy in all of its glory.

I cannot help but consider that if we made a university degree a condition for members of parliament, will this end the regular disgraceful behavior and juvenile conduct?

Something must change, we cannot continue in this manner.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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