When you are dead and buried, according to Abrahamic epistemology there will be a question and answer session with angels. A question that will be asked is, how did you make a living etc.

The activities at the major banks regarding bail-outs, market rigging, deceitful actions are not news. The abuse of regular folk by the elite has ensued for centuries.

Example, millennia ago, Prophet Solomon asked the creator for a unique authority. Solomon wanted power over the seen and unseen, the known and the unknown reality of earth. Before the creator granted his request Solomon was told of a ubiquitous evil that corrupted his prevailing realm. Solomon needed to resolve this crisis before anything else. On analysis Solomon uncovered that some of the religious and business leaders of Israel engaged in the business of usury.

Since usury was forbidden by the creator, Solomon realized the general spiritual danger. Solomon tried to stop those who traded in usury but they resisted and a civil war ensued.  It was evident that the usury dealers did not care that when usury was common in society, the creator removes his mercy and evil becomes pervasive. Ultimately Solomon won the battle against the usury traders and the creator gave Solomon a realm that remains the chronicles of legends.

Today, we honor the usury traders and retitled them as bankers. They occupy the highest levels in society They make money abusing regular people and there is no risk from the banker’s side as they always gain and never lose. It is regular people who do all the suffering when interests rates increase for reasons that remain obtuse and illogical. Banker’s with their manipulation of currencies and so on increase the cost of goods such as petrol, bread and other foodstuff without blinking an eye.

Bankers have infested every aspect of our economy and society and created a system that is very difficult to bypass. When a regular person steals a bread he is charged and threatened with all sorts of judicial and other actions. When a banker steals millions their lawyers gerrymander the matter until it ultimately fades from prosecution. Bankers generally live above and beyond man-made laws.

In the end justice will be served, in this life or the next, divine justice will be served.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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