The recent admissions by the ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu about the behavior of the ANC NEC is ground breaking. He is correct, in that it is only the ANC who can change the trajectory of the ANC.

That the leadership of the ANC youth wing has attacked Jackson Mthembu suggests that they are out of touch with the reality of our politics and are also determined to destroy the legacy of the ANC.

While the DA may be showing progress, our society continues to need the ANC in many aspects. The struggle for our liberation by the ANC was too long and hard to end after twenty odd years.

What is however required will surely tear at the very soul of the ANC. What must happen, is for the ANC to rid itself of all those who use the ANC as a ladder towards for position and wealth. This suggests that the ANC must cut out those leeches from its breast and begin to speak truth to its self.

The ANC must rid itself of those who make huge noises but make the least input towards service delivery. Isolate the talkers from the achievers and minimize the talkers and promote the achievers.

Example, in the City of Cape Town, there are many ANC Councillors who love to argue polemics and obfuscate at length over irrelevance which make them seem clever amid their comrades. Oddly they make limited input to service delivery and irritate those who know that they are just grandstanding.

A reason why the ANC always lose elections in Cape Town is that they talk too much but do little.

Often it seems as if the ANC only complains about racism and inequality but rarely has the integrity to do research or establish solutions. It is as if the ANC expects the solution to come from elsewhere.

Example, why did the ANC not solve the sanitation issue when they governed the city and province?

Jackson Mthembu is on the correct path and deserves our support.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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