After the First World War the Ottoman Empire was dismantled, the Caliphate was abolished and the residual Muslims were divided and colonized by imperialists. After invading Iraq, the United States established military bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and neighboring states in the Persian Gulf. After bombing Yugoslavia the US had bases in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia. After invading Afghanistan, the US initiated bases in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Israel is in reality the largest US base in the Middle East that is why a free Palestine is essentially a day dream.

That the US planned war on Syria years ago was confirmed by a statement of General Wesley Clark in his book “Winning Modern Wars”. Confirmed by Pentagon sources, Clark had intimated that the US planned to wage war on Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iran and Syria etc.

For the benefit of Zionist and Western empire-building, Muslims need to be vulnerable. This involves generating and sustaining conflict amongst Muslims to perpetually weaken them. Exacerbating and amplifying trivial tribal, historical as well as religious variances is part of the program. This “divide and rule tactic” was practiced by Apartheid planners on the local black majority for decades. By supporting the Sunni’s in Syria and amplifying the Assad regimes link with Shia Iran, the West bolsters the growing Sunni animosity towards Iran. Consequently when the war with Iran ensues, Sunni’s would have been aptly conditioned to regard the Iranian Shia as a greater threat than the imperial alliance. The sectarian violence in Iraq and Syria is a perfect example on how to divide and rule Muslims.

Concurrently, the same Sunni alliance that is sustaining the bulwark against the Shia is being eroded as concerns about militant Wahabism increases. That the Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko- Haram in West and Al Shabab in East Africa is fueled by ideological Wahabism is an issue that will eventually have to be managed. The strategy for future Sunni on Sunni conflict is already planned. Traditional, orthodox and Sufi inclined Muslims could conceivably find themselves battling militant Wahabism.

Those who choose narrow ideological conflict to progressive democratic methods of governance should know that they act against Quranic injunctions. In Islam the reasons, ideals and methodology of warfare are clearly prescribed. There is no such thing as “collateral human damage” nor is a tree or building to be needlessly damaged. The destruction of cities like Aleppo is not only a crime against human beings it is also a crime against history. Aleppo existed centuries before Alexander the Great and even Prophet Abraham the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

For the sake of progress and history, the destruction must stop. The prophet of Islam clearly stated that when those who claim to be Muslim fight others who also claim to be Muslim, both are destined for hell-fire. Those who claim to battle for the benefit of Islam better be sure they act with its mandate; alternatively there will be “hell to pay”.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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