In his book “A political history of Coloured people” Professor Richard Van Der Ross infers that the reason why Britian wanted a Union of South Africa was for the mineral wealth in the Afrikaner north.

In 1906 Dr Abduragmaan leader of the African Peoples Organisation (APO) visited London to protest as people of colour could not vote in the Afrikaner north. Oddly legislation soon ensured which removed Coloureds voters in the English south. Measured repugnant by English speakers, to British commerce, racism was a requisite to pacify Afrikaners, thus allowing access the diamonds and gold?

British commerce remains fixated on wealth and South Africa like any other colony was at all times simply a resource. Thus when South Africa with BRIC’S nations created a bank, it was a declaration of war on the British, American and Zionist tripartite that controls the global economy for centuries. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are plain surrogates of their imperial agenda.

Issues of currency value and down ratings are rarely understood by regular people because it is not meant to be understood. How else could Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and other Wall Street investment banks plus the nation of Iceland all enjoy top ratings while they were factually bankrupt?

To oligarchs, imperialists and Zionists, business is an extension of politics and politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed”, thus business is war and to the victor go the spoils.

The British, American and Zionist tripartite and their allies are going to teach our politicians a lesson.

Example years ago former Pres. Mbeki urgently sent then Minister of the ANC Terror Lekota to Britian to adress concerns after Britian declared that it would be selling its gold reserves. The news sent the price of gold plummeting and job losses in our mining sector seemed certain. Mbeki understood the tactic which would have created a local revolt. Mbeki soothed the British and the issue was resolved.

South Africa’s relationship with BRIC’S is to cosy and this threatens the British, American and Zionist tripartite. Since the BRIC’S bank link is largely a Zuma project, Pres. Zuma will inevitably be shaken.

Insults in and outside parliament have ensued and the Presidents hold on the economy are regularly tested. The removal of Nene and choice of Van Rooyen was critical and gave rise to open attacks on Pres. Zuma. To be fair, besides the fiscal issues, Pres. Zuma is sadly the architect of his own demise.

Our political elite will soon realize that while they may control some aspects of politics, our economy is not within their sphere of control. Not even white Afrikaners during Apartheid fully held the reigns of our economy which has largely been controlled by the British, American and Zionist tripartite.

The “withdrawal” of Barclays is a warning. Already Pravin Gordhan is visiting imperial states to comply with the demands. History confirms that ordinary people are pawns in the games of the global elite.

May God protect and help those among us who seek genuine justice, peace and collective progress.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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