In his letter “Am I just a slave to religion” Cape Argus July 9th Andre De Villiers raises rational questions that can be easily answered within historic context.

Since Andre only uses quotes from the Old Testament the responses is limited to the Jewish experience of our mutual Abrahamic faith.

Example, when the Jews were liberated from Egypt by divine intervention they were on route to the holy land. While Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments, some Jew made an idol to worship in direct violation of Gods command. Later, when the Jews entered the holy land and were decreed into battle to gain tenure, they refused. Some arrogantly told Moses to tell God to wipe out the opposition. In response, God ordered Moses to wander the desert for 40 years so that a generation can die and a new generation may enter the holy land. In the wilderness the Torah was revealed and the laws were purposely made difficult to punish the Jewish people for their insolence.

Many difficult laws were abrogated when God sent Jesus of Nazareth as a mercy to restore and clarify the gospel which is held as the New Testament. Thus slavery, the work free Sabbath, eating shellfish and wearing two diverse cloths, smiting people willy-nilly etc was not enforced. Since some Jewish scholars also skirted many noble orders and turned it to their gain, intervention was required.

Example, usury-modern day interest, on which the world economic system is based, was always forbidden. The money-lenders scam in the Temple was tested when Jesus overturned the tables.

What Andre must appreciate is that there are some laws that was not abrogated and that will remain until judgement day and thus no study or human law can rescind or refute. Homosexuality is one of those laws as it is confirmed by the Torah, Bible and Quran which cements the divinity of the decree.

Having said all that, what must be evoked is that God is historically and will always be described as the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. Thus no creation is beyond God’s generosity. There is hope for all of us, even those who are ambivalent about Gods instruction or plans.

The problem that we have in this reality is that there are those among us that create havoc and chaos causing great pain and suffering. Once they have attained their private or material objective they want to make amends and seek Gods mercy. Like God is merciful he is also the final avenging judge. This implies that every person has the right to be secure from those who spread falsehood as if it is truth.


Cllr Yagyah Adams

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