When the elites fight each other, it is the best time for regular people to listen and learn.

Currently the “White Monopoly Capitalist” (WMC) protagonists and their opponents are ruling the TV news. As a total news junky who watches too much news, media wars are an education process.

The main characters in this narrative are the Gupta’s, Pres Jacob Zuma and Black First Land First (BLF) represented by ANN7 news. On the other side is a mixture of Anti-Zuma, anti-Gupta, political and other groups, fronts for WMC posing as political analysts all given opportunity by E-TV news.

What is ironic, is that the most unbiased TV news locals can receive, is probably coming from SABC.

Example, recently a ANC Minister berated former ANC Minister Trevor Manuel (a WMC denier) for being a tool of WMC and having fooled South Africans by selling state assets to his friends. Manuel who is currently working for the global capitalist elite the Rothschild family is regularly portrayed on ANN7 as a deceitful sell-out and enemy of the poor and a friend of White Monopoly Capital (WMC).

On the flip-side E-TV news seeks to undermine the WMC narrative as if it never existed and blames a British based public relations firm Bell Pottinger of creating WMC out of thin air. Most of us have forgotten that Nelson Mandela spoke about White Monopoly Capital in the 1950’s and 60’s.

In response to E-TV, Tuesday 18th July, ANN7 ran a serious interview with a former Reserve Bank committee member who explained that our economy was captured decades ago by the Reserve Bank who is controlled by 5 private banks. The interview sought to support the current Public Protector who bade the Constitution be amended and activities of the Reserve Bank be reexamined.

Concurrently the former Public Protector was accused by ANN7 of being a front for WMC which followed up on historic allegations that she was an American CIA spy.

While the elite fight over billions, locals wake early for work standing at filthy taxi ranks and train stations. In the dark, travelers hope not to be harassed or robbed before returning home.

Question, was the South African struggle for human dignity a deceptive ruse for the “black elite” to replace our former masters “the white elite”. Are South Africans incapable of having a nation of equals, where those with the best skills, methods and values, govern in the interest of all of us.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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