Often we read in the newspaper, hear on the radio and watch on television how gangsters terrorise communities, murder innocent people, sell drugs and action whatever they desire.

When this organised anarchy happens, we often have experts who want to study, analyse and write opinions and volumes which few people will read – on why gangsters do what they do.

Politicians only visit the areas election time and avoid the warzones unless there is a media outcry.

When ordinary citizens write to the media or express their opinion on radio, calling for the return of the death penalty, out of the woodwork creep those who will do and say anything to protect the evil.

What can be concluded is that there are evil people living in leafy suburbs who benefit from the chaos which ensues on the Cape Flats. Sadly there are also those who enjoy it when innocents suffer.

The return of the death penalty will solve many problems. It is cost effective and will remove the rapist and murderer from society. All the reports and academic studies cannot equal the removal of a killer.

The method used to remove murderers and rapists is irrelevant. Rehabilitating murderers and rapists has no value as the harm to the abused child, woman and family has been done. Rape victims are not interested in making amends and families of slain kids do not care for the anguish of the murderer.

Regular people pay rates and taxes and go to work. They send their kids to school and pray that they are safe while they travel to and from school. Regular people do not have the time and energy to study the minds of evil criminals and why they find pleasure in murder and rape.

In the words of the wise, we are not all the same, some of us are good, some are bad and most of us are a bit of both. Thus when you cross the line by harming the rights of another you have gone to far.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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