Since I sincerely believe in the concept of a multi-party democracy and remain grateful to the ANC for having liberated us from political Apartheid, I tend to hope for the best for them. At times hope is all that can be expected. Considering reports about the trials around the ANC’s list process, I am not surprised that Lynne Brown, Max Ozinsky’s and others are high on the province to parliament list.

For Fransman to prevail, he must first rid himself of his historical internal rivals as the war within the Cape ANC has lasted almost a decade. Unfortunatly, posting his foes will not be enough since Fransman has to defeat Helen Zille. This is a fight that I doubt he can win. Had the ANC forwarded Ebrahim Rasool or Trevor Manuel, they had a chance. The Cape ANC is unable to grasp the value of pedigree, culture, social class and urbaneness. The last Premier the ANC selected was a well-known lesbian. In a province where 90% profess to follow Christianity, Islam or Judaism, nominating a lesbian for Premier was foolish.

Just because the constitution permits gay marriages does not oblige voters to ignore their own cultural and spiritual history. That South Africa has a high divorce and sex crime statistic also juxtaposes the irony that locals consider themselves conservative. Since we are not homogenous many amongst us, to some degree pretend yet covertly harbour traditional values. This was mirrored in the case of Zwelinzima Vavi who instantly expressed his shame and regret after being caught having an affair. He did not justify his actions but humbly went about apologising publically.

Vavi understands that people want leaders that are naturally superior but equally humble. Leaders that are liberal in consideration yet hold traditional values. Though many may shout liberty, fraternity and equality, society covertly crave some system of benevolent aristocracy. Since people admire natural leaders and tolerate politicians who assume they are leaders, genuine leaders cannot be created through servile adherence to political sycophantism.

Though Fransman may be a good organiser and hard worker for the ANC, the Cape deserves better. Locals require intelligent and skilled leaders with practical concepts and plans to improve conditions. Citizens are tired of the local ANC’s infighting and plastic radical rhetoric. Historically Fransman never accepted the challenge of Min Robin Carlisle to open his family’s finances to public scrutiny amid assertions that they benefitted when he was Min of Public works.

Yet, all is not lost for the local ANC since Helen Zille has her own fights within the DA. Low ranking members on her list process is also in uproar. That those mentioned are mainly Afrikaner males raised eyebrows. It seems as if the liberals along with obsequious Coloured support have finally developed the chutzpah to rid Western Cape politics of the remnants of the old National Party.

Should the local ANC tactic themselves beyond the history of Afrikaners and if they can display a province, a metro or a municipality where they rule and people prosper, they have hope. At least by bringing back Ebrahim Rasool, the ANC will have a fighting chance.

Then again, Abraham Lincoln also said “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any crisis. The point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.”

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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