Brexit is Xenophobia

The periodic black on black violence across South Africa, is racism that has politely been renamed xenophobia.

The attacks on black foreigners imply that local blacks dislike foreign blacks. Since local coloreds, Indians and whites are not involved in the attacks on black foreigners, the conflict can be deduced to black on black racism.

A similar but passive racism is trending in Britain and is politely renamed Brexit. In truth, East Europeans are replacing British workers. The Polish and Romanians etc. work British farms, clean London toilets and do the jobs that the British decline. Since East Europeans are more docile and cheaper, British workers are jobless.

Likewise, our local business prefers foreign blacks as they are more docile and work harder for less. Ironically the British and South African working class share the decline of an indigenous working class. Both groups fail to grasp that the wealthy who control business and politics do not care about local labor as profits matter most.

Oddly, the cost of living in both Britain and South Africa is made worse by the migrant labor who send money to their homelands and live meagerly in the host nation. This often creates congested unhygienic slums near the cities. The local middle class also pay extra for the free health care and education of foreigner’s offspring.

Labor leaders must stop selling-out workers and workers must accept that an upgraded work ethic is required. The link between business and workers must improve to create a better condition for all concerned. Nation building is a tough process and cannot be resolved by singing songs around a braai when the “Bokke” win a rugby match. South Africa requires ethical business and workers that share a mutual respect.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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