Often when the City of Cape Town elects to sell municipal land, some political parties object.

The basis on which they object require analyses. Example the EFF wants all land to be given free as if the available land is unlimited and as if the City of Cape Town must create revenue out of nothing.

Everyone wants more services for less money, how is this possible? Also, every time the petrol increases etc. people want more wages. Ironically, this demand requires increases in service cost.

The ANC has often repeated in the Council Chamber that when we sell land and the ANC assumes authority in the City of Cape Town, they would reverse the land sale processes. Simultaneously, our national leaders repeatedly jet abroad at huge expense to taxpayers looking for foreign investment.

The problem that arises around the sale and expropriation of land is the issue of contradiction.

When government asks foreigners to invest into our economy via property purchases etc. what message are we sending by endlessly talking about land expropriation without compensation. It seems the longer the discourse continuous the more confusing the communication becomes? If we are not going to expropriate land that will harm our economic growth as often stated, are we only going to expropriate derelict land?

While I am neither for or against land expropriation at this point, what is require is clarity.

Nobody is going to invest money into an African country where talk of land expropriation is on the table. The first rule of investors, are, is my money safe and will I make a profit.

Have we learned nothing from the history of Africa after liberation?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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