God gave humans automatic right to water, food, shelter and safety and so on.

In response to Rob Johnston “ANC has failed us” 31st April. According to the epistemology of the Abrahamic faiths, before human souls were send to earth we made a contract with our Creator.

Humans agreed to worship and obey the Creator. In return, the Creator gave humans automatic rights to water, food, shelter, safety and such basic human needs. This divine contract has many qualifying conditions. Example, humans are not allowed to oppress each other by denying another creation water, food, shelter and safety etc. This includes animals and plants etc. That is why we cannot just ruin the natural environment since animals and nature also have a right to exist etc.

Thus, those in authority have a duty to ensure that nobody experiences undue hardship.

The problem arises when those in authority reject or refuse or ignore the duty placed on them by the Creator and voters but assume authority and benefits over others. Then we have a problem.

Government officials steal food parcels intended for the poor. Officials do not develop or repair water or housing infrastructure. Now, poor people do not have access to water or housing services.

When those in authority like politicians and officials steal money meant for services for the people, justice must prevail. If justice does not prevail, the Creator clarifies that chaos will happen. This is exactly what is happening across Africa and Middle East. Mozambique is one example of many, where ordinary people’s frustration resulted in violence. Thus, for anyone to want to blame Islam or Muslims as a few people are shouting “Allah Hu Akbar” in a tense situation, it is completely unfair.

Violence begets violence and when a governing authority denies people access to affordable water, food, housing, safety and security etc. it is an act of violence. In the words of the wise, the origin of justice is in the Torah, Bible and Quran but we must read the text with understanding to understand.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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