Truth and reality, reason and logic must prevail

Prophet Muhammed like all prophets before him said that, a genuine believer must speak truth.

Whilst I will not compromise my support of the Palestinian people, denying the sale of land in Sea Point to the Jewish community is ill-advised and a serious financial miscalculation.

The Jewish community will build the school with their money. This saves the state building a school.

The Court ruling, Argus April 28, that the sale of the Tafelberg site to Phyllis Jowell Jewish School cannot proceed, is a mistake. A study that advises, 270 social housing units can be built, is a joke.

In 25 years, national government build 200 houses in District 6 and will probably take another 25 years to build another 200 houses. By that time, every adult who lived in District 6 would be dead.

Apartheid planning injustice must be rectified but we cannot proceed into a future without reason and logic as a foundation. Also, it is easier to reduce racial inequality than to reduce class inequality.

Jesus Christ the Messiah said, the poor will always be among us.

Example, to address racial inequality, every level of the state must simply sell state land for 25% less to black and brown citizens compared to whites. Should whites pay the 25%, either-way, poor blacks wins. Since the majority who are reliant on state handouts are blacks, blacks will benefit the most.

By not selling the land to the Jewish community, rate and taxpayer loses a hell of a lot more money.

Consider, why must rate and taxpayer subsidize social housing in Sea point? We could build 10 times more housing on cheap land compared, with revenue and rates received from sales of costly land.

Across South Africa the ideals of social housing often fail as many recipients buy subsidized housing and then rent it to others. Why must taxpayer pay to make other people landlords? Study the social housing projects in Maitland to confirm. Is social housing not to provide poor families with shelter?

If subsidized social housing is built in expensive suburbs, are they going to pay market related rates similar to the surrounding neighbors or will this be subsidized? How long before, beneficiaries of social housing sub-let properties or sell? Will ratepayers get the difference in profit or back rates?

Building a Jewish school in Sea Point is a major investment. Jews are entrepreneurs and create jobs.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress




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