I support the recalling or dismissal of President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma is a wicked leader and not an honorable person, if not removed from a position of power, Zuma will continue to sow corruption and chaos wherever he goes.

I differ with political leaders like Julius Malema etc. regarding reasons for Pres. Zuma’s removal. Many within the leadership of the political opposition who call for Zuma’s demise are themselves not ethical, honorable or dignified. Given opportunity, many will become just like Pres. Jacob Zuma.

Example, in 2006 a video of then KwaZulu Natal Provincial Cabinet Minister Narend Singh wearing a broken under-pants circulated widely. Singh was having an adulterous affair with a Durban socialite.  Yesterday when the Speaker of Parliament announced the postponement of SONA, the “Honorable” Narend Singh, now an IFP leader spoke in exalted tones of the “dignity of parliament” and so on. He never misses an opening to find the television cameras when opportunity arises.

Sadly, our parliament, provincial legislatures and municipal councils are filled to capacity with actors, opportunists, impostors, corrupt and wicked people. Most, make limited contributions towards service delivery but survive because they strategically sucking-up to party political leaders.

Some spread rumors and others play political games at the expense of rate and taxpayer. The water crisis in Cape Town is an example that is typical of what happens when incompetent people assume authority and cannot fulfill a logical obligation like providing a basic service like water.

Returning to President Zuma. Since he has been President and Deputy President for almost 20 years what has he achieved besides enriching his family and friends directly at the cost to the taxpayer? Our murder stats (currently 17000 per year) has increased overwhelmingly and so has every crime statistic. We have lost more jobs than was created and no-one is safe as criminals know that they have a friend in President Zuma. Zuma has destroyed the moral base of the ANC and reduced its former glory. The ANC is no longer the respected liberation movement in Africa it was. The ANC considered an embarrassment by many of its loyal former members and activists.

For the dignity of the ANC, for the dignity of our nation and for the dignity of all of Africa, President Zuma must be obliged to leave without his dignity just like he enforced upon Pres. Thabo Mbeki.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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