Since I often complain about the questionable service quality that Capetonians endure, when experiencing quality customer care it is imperative that it be acknowledged.

Recently my wife needed to renew her driver’s licence which required interaction with government officials which is usually traumatic. Since I spent more than an hour in queues at Gallows Hill traffic department in Green Point, we decided to visit the Hill Star traffic department in Ottery.

Ironically, on arrival we learnt that some-one had died and the department was closed. Luckily we were referred to a second traffic department near the Hypermarket on the other side of Ottery.

On entry we were greeted by the receptionist and speedily assisted. Within 15 minutes including the eye test we were done along with the 10 people in the queue. Though I only recall the cashier Carla Golding, I wish to thank the staff and management of this department for their courteous efficiency.

Similarly on a recent visit to Checkers in Riverside Mall Rondebosch we were personally assisted with by the trainee manager Yaseen Hattas. This person did not hesitate to spend his time helping us negotiate the difficult task of collating the annual purchase of school stationary.

It is uplifting to know that we have people in the public and private service that care about customer service and know that customer satisfaction is imperative for a civilized society to function effectively.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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