Although I am not an oracle, I have seen the future and there is much to be anxious about.

I recently returned from a twelve-day visit to the city states of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Shenzhen in China with a brief stop-over in Dubai and have been humbled by what the future looks like. Millions living in high-rise apartments that are unimaginable in Cape Town. Electric buses, trams cars and all modes of transport that seems an impossible dream in South Africa. I travelled under the ocean and thru mountains in tunnels and above the seas, on sky-bridges kilometer’s long. Clean and efficient cities where millions work and live in absolute safety. The future is remarkable in a nation that has uplifted hundreds of millions from poverty into the middle class.

Had I been told this story of such incredible material progress in such a short space of time by another, I would not have believed until I witnessed the marvel of China myself. 

Sadly, with China’s progress comes concern. Whenever one nation interacts with another of lesser measureable material and military advancement, the weaker nation is subdued. Let us be brutally honest, China is decades ahead of South Africa and Africa. Any interface makes us less as a continent as China is ready for global dominance. It is militarily superior the African continent added together.

Ironically, China will not need an army to subdue Africa. Our subjugation will be at the hands of technology and scientific advancement. The process has already begun as I witnessed at the headquarters of Huawei and Ten cent. These global technology leaders will in time conqueror its rivals as western firms driven by pure selfish greed, devoid of philosophy and humanity, sell–out.

Europe is already on its financial knees and Italy like Greece will collapse within the next year or so. Donald Trump of “America first” has retreated from a trade war with China as he knew that America would lose. China is the dominant global manufacturer and the world needs Chinese goods more than what China needs to sell it to us.

Why then, if the future is so obviously the “China century” am I writing this letter.

God works in mysterious ways and so I sound the warning. Remember when the earliest Jews broke their covenant and practiced injustice and oppression? God gave the Romans and eventually the Persians dominance over the holy land and allowed the suffering of the Jewish people for centuries.

Recall how God gave British colonialism dominance over the Arab lands as the Arabs were consumed by petty differences and sectarianism. Did God allow the destruction of the Holy Roman empire?

Let us as white, black and brown South Africans heed the warning and reconcile our selfish enmity. Let us share the wealth and beauty of this land of our birth. Let us exercise justice before God tires of our corruption and cruelty to each other and permits our enslavement at the hands of another.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress  


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