A key problem that threatens our shared future, are citizens that add little value and have great expectations. Those who have kids while unable to feed, clothe or care for them properly are a growing problem and must be inhibited.

Historically and statistically large families imply self-induced poverty which is ironically common among the less skilled and unemployed. On the flip side, persons with education and skills who enjoy prospects, choose to have fewer kids. Since persons with fewer kids have higher income, they pay more tax which ironically benefits those with less skill who require more subsidies. Is this rational?

Since the state must protect the innocent from those determined to abuse the rule of law, how do we manage persons who create direct liability for future taxpayers without any genuine concern?

Most addicts admit their trip into addiction begin with boredom and experimentation. Some parents blame the state for not occupying kids after school and later for lack of prospect etc. This thinking implies the state must provide total meaning to life. This is common in fascist regimes where conscription exists and people belong to the state that figuratively assumes parenthood. Think about Italy under Benito Mussolini, Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin.

For decades thousands of locals pay low rent with option to buy from Council. Before taking title, they insist that the property they rented and abused must be repaired at ratepayer’s expense and the debt cancelled before taking title. Since taxpayers via the state must constitutionally provide free housing, water, electricity and prospect etc, what liability does the person have towards themselves?

While our democracy is far from perfect, we cannot have a situation where obstinate ignorance that depend on state subsidy compels society into a benevolent autocracy by voting for those who promise most benefit to those who contribute the least effort to our collective wellbeing.

At some point in time each one of us must accept responsibility for our own behaviour.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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