The Cabinet reshuffle has little to do with South Africa

The cabinet reshuffle was a chance for the President to rid himself of persons that threaten his second term as President. He also used the occasion secure his allies to ensure political loyalty.

The political games that are played are done at the expense of taxpayers, who remain observers.

I will give five examples to explain my theory.

Enoch Godongwana is steeped in dubious behavior that goes back a decade. His historic scandals involve millions and suggests that this is not trustworthy man. Yet he is the new Finance Minister.

Lindiwe Sisulu is minimized although she has political pedigree and is a presidential prospect. She is popular and is a skilled and beautiful woman. She was building her campaign by developing key players within her sphere of influence. Sisulu was a strong contender as a future possible President.

Zizi Kodwa was deceiver in Chief for Pres. Zuma. Kodwa has a limited moral conscious and is a survivor who will do whatever is needed to stay near power. His defense of Zuma was mythical.

Bheki Cwele provided evidence with his words that he was oblivious to what happened as Kwazulu Natal was burning. Cwele had to be go, but since the President needs Zulu’s nearby, Cwele survived. 

Zweli Mkhize who hails from Kwazulu Natal was probably going to use the money that was being siphoned from the Health Department contract to build a kitty for his own presidential ambition. He was caught and will be used as a proverbial “scape goat” to suggest that blatant corruption will not be tolerated. Thus although, he received the most votes at a past conference, it did help his plotting.

Those who believed that the President was replying to the looting and anarchy in the nation should wake up. Those who thought it was about realigning key priorities and taking the nation forward, should wake up. The leading purpose of any politician is getting ready for the next political party conference where the next leader is elected. The cabinet reshuffle had little to do with us, it was making sure that those in authority remain in authority. It literally and figuratively has nothing to do with the cost of electricity or petrol. The ordinary South African is actually on his/her own. There are only individual interests. The rainbow nation was in truth a figment just like the actual rainbow.

In the words of the wise, we need genuine leaders to build a nation.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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