It is ironic that Pat Rogers “Anticipation vs reflex” Cape Times 9th June finds time to criticise Costa Gazi of Sea Point, LeadSA, Sanral, the National Minister of Housing and myself in a lengthy diatribe in defence of the DA but does not have a single word of sympathy for the people of Zola township.

While most commentators focused on the inhumanity of the removals, Pat Rogers focuses on the party politics. Ironically I did not mention the DA or ANC in my letter. Pat Rogers reminds me of ANC comrades and media hacks who view every situation with blinkers. They are always in defence mode and unwilling or unable of understanding a scenario in context.

From the comfort of his plush surroundings in Somerset West, Pat displays his crudity by completely ignoring the plight of old women and children scrambling in the mud to find their clothing and shoes.

His “unduly cynical view” on this eviction reveals a lack of humanity. I am sure that there are many critics who privately believe that the evictions were effective and the result is what matters. Regarding poor black people as inferior humans have been inculcated into the South African psyche for almost 400 years, 20 years into democracy has yet to make a long term impact.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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