Muslims must not be deceived into war with China

It is evident that Muslims are persecuted in China. So, why state the obvious.

Deviously, those who hate Muslims more than China does, desire conflict between Muslims and China. Example, China is a threat to Zionism for China’s support of Iran. India is a military ally of the USA and a historic enemy of China and India and China are engaged in a border war for decades.

The idea is to get one enemy (Muslims) to fight another enemy (China) and reduce both enemies.

Ironically, Zionist and Hindu nationalists already kill Muslims in Israel and India but deceitfully want to defend Muslims killed by China. CNN and BBC who never cared about Muslims, leads the charge.

Thus the fake concern from Zionist and Hindu nationalists requires analyses. For Zionist to express honest concern, they must first stop Israel’s abuse of Palestinians. Hindu nationalist must undo the brutal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and anti-Muslim riots in India. India must stop raping Muslim women which is part of India’s military tactic to inspire and maintain fear amid Muslims.

The activities of Zionist and Hindu nationalists do not exonerate the brutality of China towards Muslims. The cruelty and abuse of one oppressor cannot be ignored at the expense of another.

Historically Hitler turned the German majority against minorities. It seems as if, the world has learnt nothing from the holocaust as the mass killing of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar military shows.

Similarly, after Hindu nationalists become tired of killing Muslims in India, Jammu and Kashmir, they will start killings Sikhs and other minorities in India that do not fit into the idea of Hindu nationalism.

The strategy of all oppressor is always the same. Divide and rule or conquer and kill.

Many Zionist, Hindu and Chinese nationalist do not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ismael.

The killing of innocent people is completely forbidden by the God of Abraham. Nationalist who kill for a fake idea, worship themselves and a made-up political philosophy that history proves false.

Those who harbor feelings of overt arrogant racial, ethnic or nationalist pride merely reflects their private feelings of psychological insecurities. Self-actualized mature adults do not need a mob mentality to understand their place in reality. Racism is a sign of a deep seated inferiority complex.

On judgement day, according to Abrahamic epistemology, the Creator will not ask about nationalism or racial pride. The Creator will ask if you were a helpful human and of service to humanity generally.

In the words of the wise, speaking against deception and cruelty isn’t much, but it is something.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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