Our nation lacks intelligent, honest leadership

Between June and August 2020, the Gauteng Department of Education spent R431-million on sanitising schools. Companies that had no involvement in the cleaning industry received contracts.

The “deep cleaning and decontamination” was not required or recommended by the Department of Health or Department of Basic Education.

Across South Africa many schools have limited access to clean water and toilets. How does one sanitise an overall filthy environ, do you spray sanitiser over everything?

Or, was this a chance to steal from taxpayer’s?  If a school is sanitised and afterwards someone has the virus. Does the school get cleansed again, how many times can one school be deep cleansed?

The point is, decontaminating any facility that is filthy, as they are not cleaned regularly, is useless.

Kids who use “a hole in the ground” for a toilet are at risk of everything. That includes cholera, dysentery and everything associated with a filthy milieu.

All public facilities require cleaning as the spaces are generally always filthy. You cannot sanitise filth with a spray or disinfectant. Logic suggests filth must be removed and the location properly cleaned.

Example, in Singapore it is illegal to chew gum.

In contrast, in South Africa, a vagrant can defecate anywhere and the municipality cannot take action otherwise the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and some Judges fight to defend vagrants.

Recently the municipality build facilities for the homeless to assist with Covid19. Political chancers went berserk making many allegations. Many vagrants felt empowered and left the facility.

Afterwards the virus spread across the city as the second wave peaked and many people died.

Who is testing or sanitising the vagrants as they touch everything everyone else touches?

Society has an obligation to care for the homeless. We must feed and clothe and ensure they are clean. Otherwise, any virus will simply return as it will always have a permanent moving host.

Also, criminals posing as vagrants built shelters at the Traffic Department in Green Point. This is happening everywhere. Why is the (HRC) and some in the judiciary making life difficult for the municipality and ratepayers and easy for criminals? Why are the rights of the rate and taxpayers undermined? We are required to stay home but criminals and vagrants have freedom of movement.

Leadership requires making difficult decisions that maybe unpopular but has long term benefit for the majority. Leadership requires honesty and not pretending that things are okay when they are not.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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