The inauguration was a lavish charade and an insult to the unemployed American

As Pres. Trump finally left the White House “The House of the Rising Sun” played in the background.

The song represents ruination and regret and was originally written about a brothel in New Orleans that was visited by Union soldiers during the American civil war. The brothel “Madam” was LeSoleil Levant, translated from French as “Rising Sun”. The song was sung in the first person and the main character, a prostitute, laments how the brothel ruined her life. The song is a warning to young people from making wrong decisions that can ruin an entire life. In contrast, at Pres. Biden’s inauguration, Lady Gaga who blatantly inspires wickedness and vulgarity sung the national anthem.

Though Pres. Joseph Biden claims to be a Catholic, his lack of sensitivity about Lady Gaga suggests that he lacks awareness or is a hired gun and an actor for the “Deep State” just like Pres. Bush Jr etc.

Never in US history has an inauguration happened without any public and in a setting filled with such obvious fear. The lack of credibility was palatable. How is Pres. Biden and Kamala Harris going to be demand respect when 78 million American voted against them and millions in reality hate them.

What is also obvious is that CNN is an instrument of propaganda and ensures unbalanced reporting.

The inauguration was a colossal waste of resources as an entire city was encircled by a huge army to protect a few ruling elites. Like a military dictator, the USA President waved at an absent public.

Strangely, CNN promoted the event as the greatest show on earth. CNN analysts and reporters discussed how great Pres. Biden was although he had done very little after decades in government.

For decades CNN beat the drums of war and actively promoted the war on Iraq and Afghanistan. Pres. Trump was the only President to return troops and did not engage in war. CNN hated Trump.

Although the Democrat are a majority in Congress, Senate and White House, CNN has already begun making excuses for Pres. Biden. CNN is completely sympathetic to Pres. Biden whilst they continue to blame Pres. Trump for everything that has and is going to go wrong in America.

CNN is not a news channel. CNN chose a political side and is openly an instrument of propaganda.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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