ESKOM requires its own Commission of Enquiry

We have been in lockdowns for nearly a year. The economy has reversed and joblessness is a historic 50%. Many people are suffering mentally, physically, spiritually and financially etc.

As a nation we are in trouble as Covid19 kills our loved ones.

What we do not need is what is happening at the Commission on State Capture.

Whilst we struggle to establish normality in a pandemic, ESKOM decided to load-shed and constrain people in darkness. This cruelty is exposed at the Commission on State Capture where Brian Molefe former ESKOM head honcho told our nation that ESKOM was basically a “power struggle” between a few wealthy elites. Problems at ESKOM were created and fueled by endless greed of a few people.

Folk trying to remain dignified and buy electricity to feed families and provide light are irrelevant.

Even when we pay more, for less electricity it does not solve the problem as the greed of those feeding at ESKOM only increases. We are held hostage by such profound evil that when they steal billions like the Gupta’s and those consultants and accountants and lawyers etc. it is not enough.

Whilst 50 million South Africans curse the ESKOM darkness, those who stole from us, live in luxury in Dubai, India and so on. Oddly, these thieves and their supporters have forgotten a very simple truth.

God Almighty dislikes oppression. Especially those who oppress the vulnerable amid God’s creation. When people work to feed their families and a thief steals, the thieve actually seeks Gods wrath.

Though it may seem silly to some, when 50 million South Africans curse the ESKOM darkness those words are carried into the Heavens and a response will follow. Those who oppress others, must know that you may try to defend your deceit with costly lawyers etc. but soon it will not help you.

Those who steal public funds and then try to buy popularity with charity, must rather return the stolen money, it is better for everyone. Charity from stolen wealth is empty. You are fooling yourself.

The Creator is not in need of our prayers and charity. It is for the individuals benefit. So to those stealing from the public funds, you have been warned the price you eventually pay is very high.

The prays of the oppressed carries great weight. Short term gain for long term pain is not worth it.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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