Nobody is perfect, but

We all make mistakes and most of us regret our mistakes and we seek forgiveness for our errors.

Last week, the Minister of Police instructed several police officers to stop the filming of an advert on Camps Bay beach even after he was told by city leaders that the filming was legally compliant.

The Minister ignored the city leaders who pleaded for the filming to continue as much money and jobs were at risk. From media reports the public learnt that about 30 police stayed to ensure filming did not happen. The city urgently went to court and was victorious in having the filming resume.

The “Camps Bay Beach” narrative suggests an example of a mistake that went out of control in a few minutes and cost rate and taxpayers as the city went to court with ratepayer’s money. The poorly paid police wasted their time and prevented job creation whilst taxpayers’ paid for the futility.

In the meantime, cruel criminals selling drugs etc. in nearby townships continued with business as usual, hurting and killing innocent people. The police who are overworked were kept busy standing in the hot sun stopping an advert from being filmed on the beach where nobody was at any real risk.

Rate and taxpayer’s must think; why must we pay for this childishness. We had nothing to do with what happened at that beach. The point is, when people in authority make mistakes, it is the rate and taxpayer’s that pay the account. The question is why?

Equally, when a few in authority decide to build a stadium or anything that logic suggests, is not practical, why must rate and taxpayers’ pay the cost? What is the meaning of “real accountability”?

Does democracy suggest that the result of poor judgement of a political leader must be borne by the entire society? Where in the constitution is it written that a political leader is entitled to burden the South African rate and taxpayers with the financial burden of his/her incorrect decision?            The day, when political leaders are themselves held financially liable for the results of their individual decisions, they will become more careful about the consultative process to ensure legal compliance.

Example, Years ago, the National Party and ANC went to court when Bellville and Cape Town were separate municipalities. Nobody wanted responsibility of Khayelitsha. Millions were wasted in court. Very soon afterwards, the city became one metro, the court fight was a complete waste of money.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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