Creationists versus evolutionists

The variance between Creationists and Evolutionists is hidden under racist subterfuge. Both have some evidence to prove a point but somehow fail to realize that both opinions are valid, depending on the agenda. The Creationist belief of a divine Creator is, however a vastly superior narrative.

Example, if a tree falls down, it cannot evolve into a boat and sail itself. If it lays on the ground for years, an animal may burrow into the tree and turn it into a habitat etc. The tree could decompose and turn into fertilizer. To make a boat, carpentry skills are vital and to sail the ocean, a sailor with navigation skills is needed. However, it could be argued that the tree evolved from a sprout which evolved from a seed. Thus, a boat or yacht is essentially the evolutionary product of a simple seed.

If I were to go about telling people that the warships of the ancient world were “seeds”, I would be measured insane. Ironically the point from origin is logical, what is required is context and reason.

So, if a fish or crocodile or hippo, are connected because they live in or outside water, so what?

The problem arises when humans are involved as some want to believe in “evolutionary speed” to support the theory of racial supremacy. Evolutionists primary narrative is that humans came from an “ape like hybrid”. So, the more evolved you are, the less likely you resemble an “ape like hybrid”.

This fits into the racist context of Apartheid and all racists theories. The idea is that dark skin folk with less refined features are on a different evolutionary scale as Europeans. This is the underlying theory which evolutionists want to subtly suggests.

But, when all humans are descendant from Adam and Eve that was made by a Creator as narrated in the Torah, Bible and Quran, it is a problem and thus evolutionists must undermine the divine texts.

As a result, the divine texts are subjected to insane levels of scrutiny and attack. Ironically, if the same measure of scrutiny was levelled at the evolutionary argument, the theory would collapse.

Evolutionists reject “Noah’s flood” though the “ark” has been discovered on Mount Ararat in Turkey.

How did a huge ancient vessel get high-up on a snow peaked mountain far away from the ocean?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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