War with China is pending

Reports on CNN, BBC, RT and Al Jazeera are becoming bizarre. A recent report on Al Jazeera by Australian journalist John Pilger suggests that USA and allies are preparing for a war with China.

The USA has monitored China’s economic and military progress with anxiety. China’s manipulation of its own currency and global markets thru various deceptive schemes is problematic. Since China is not aggressive in approach, China does not openly engage in talks of regime change or human rights.

China operates with stealth to secure benefits. Example, China sells any product to any nation at a lower price than the local industry can produce. Afterwards, China increases its price when the local producer is ruined. China depends on the greed of the indigenous retailer and greed always wins.

Following this economic strategy, a godless communist regime has crushed western capitalism.

Currently, the USA owes Trillions of Dollars in foreign debt which is difficult to pay back under the current economic conditions. Thus the USA must deploy sanctions and other mechanisms to subvert China. Sadly, the USA pursued of war is historically an extension of its economic strategy. The USA greed for constant global power and need to reduce China’s influence is measured critical. Ironically the “Islamic” threat has quietly taken a back seat as China moves forward as the “latest” threat.

The slurs around “Kung-flu” is not without purpose. Pres. Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing when he blames China for the origin and spread of Covid19. The agenda is to create clear lines of propaganda between his “white” support base and the “foreign Asian” threat.

The “democracy issues” in Hong Kong is a possible catalyst to be used by the USA. Also the US hasty concern for Muslims in China is “seemingly” valued by CNN and BBC. Ironically, the USA has never had concern for China’s Muslims until it fitted a specific agenda. Since I am no friend of China, one has to consider. Is it better to live with the evil you know or take a risk with the evil you don’t know?

Sometime soon, nations will have to choose between China and the USA. God help us all.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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