Why we will pay more for electricity

The recent fight amid NERSA and ESKOM is a waste of time and money paid for by the taxpayer.

Both groups are sheltered-employ for “the politically connected”. Study the organogram of both organization and links can be drawn between political party and some appointments.

During Apartheid the Nat’s did the same, the variance was that ESKOM produced ample electricity.

Logic dictates that, any growing population needs more jobs, thus more industry which requires more electricity etc. Sadly, many of our leaders lack the ability to plan for the future. They are to focus on their own political and fiscal survival and thus, lack empathy for the needs of others.

The National Party left our nation morally and fiscally bankrupt. Then, when democracy happened, many liberation leaders started stealing. They need locals to pay tax for non-existent services or not maintain the service.  Example, when Pres. Zuma took office, creating debt and allowing theft from State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) increased. The Arms Deal and so on was needed so that the money lent, could be stolen. That same debt is ten times more due to interest accrual and must still be paid.

That money was too little and theft went into overdrive. This led to the problems at Eskom, SAA the Post Office and so on. The VBS bank heist was minor compared to what was planned. A Trillion Rand Nuclear deal with Russia was in the pipe-line, but was luckily stopped by a concerned handful.

Sadly, there are many ways to steal from taxpayers. Example, you can employ useless family and friends at SOE’s etc. and pay them huge salaries. You can hire costly office space to enrich a pal and then not go to office. You can fly business class to inane global meetings and relax at the best hotels and not attend the meeting. Thus, ESKOM and others SOE’s will remain a burden as the cost of upkeep is high because of useless staff, foreign jaunts etc. The activities also ensue at municipalities and at other state departments where officials and politicians live lavishly from ordinary taxes.

Furthermore, thousands of coal miners are unionized and have serious clout inside the governing alliance. ESKOM is their political terrain. So reducing our carbon footprint by moving away from coal is a problem. Coal miners cannot be fired. One day when reason and rationality outweighs “political talk” perhaps, then our problems will be solved. ESKOM and other SOE’s must be sustainable. This requires a reduction in the wage account by getting rid of the useless staff and ending the wastage.

In the words of the wise, a truthful adversary is of greater value than a deceitful friend.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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